History of decaf-emu in screenshots - Part 2

So we're coming off of a few months break - but I was determined to not let this project die like all of our other projects we have worked on over the years! If you havn't seen it, you should probably first read part 1.

2016-05-31 20:27:06 So Mario Kart 8 finally shows something.

2016-06-07 12:01:54 Trying to debug why text rendering is broken in NES Remix.

2016-06-07 14:45:27

2016-06-08 11:04:51 Fixed a few graphical errors and now getting close to ingame with NES Remix.

2016-06-11 02:57:45 Brett started work on an awesome new debugger using imgui.

2016-06-16 02:27:22 A more complete debugger in action!

2016-06-18 11:53:36 Some other emulator developer said that Shovel Knight was the first game they got in game, so let's try that out instead.. Something's happening...

2016-06-18 11:55:22 I guess he was right! We're in a game playable for the first time ever on decaf-emu! Albeit upside down and several other graphical bugs.

2016-06-26 21:55:59 Rendering upside down was a simple fix to change from OpenGL to DirectX clipping space using ARB_clip_control

2016-06-28 20:10:35 A few days later and Shovel Knight was looking much better!

2016-07-03 10:15:00 Angry Birds Star Wars is a thing that exists apparently.

2016-07-04 16:23:54 Time to take a look at NES Remix again... looks bad.

2016-07-04 16:53:50 Much better! Now NES Remix was playable (with a few graphical glitches still).

2016-07-04 20:25:59 Upside down, back to front, inside out, we've seen it all over here!

2016-07-10 02:03:59 Brett had a never ending battle with Mario Kart 8, the game kept winning though.

2016-07-10 14:31:54 We began to see progress in other quality Wii U titles such as Family Tennis SP!

2016-07-14 17:29:10 Angry Birds isn't just a mobile game, it's also a buggy game on decaf-emu.

2016-07-25 22:14:32 Someone requested that I get homebrew working in decaf, so I did. Many homebrews were using the OSScreen functions to render to screen, which no game uses.

2016-07-28 14:45:52 More games were showing progress, things were getting exciting.

2016-08-03 11:54:59 After much persistence from Brett, Mario Kart 8 actually reached the menu.

2016-08-12 13:10:49 Xenoblade Chronicls X is a special game in decaf history, because it was consistently worked on by the achurch, he did amazing work over the next few months to fix graphical errors in this game.

2016-08-13 00:03:42 Xenoblade progress.

2016-08-17 23:33:33 In the mean time I was working on much more important things such as trying to figure out why Meme Run wasn't working.

2016-08-18 00:42:36 Xenoblade showing nice progress thanks to achurch!

2016-08-18 00:44:54 Xenoblade character ceration!

2016-08-19 01:43:11 8 Bit Hero boots.

2016-08-19 15:00:00 Revolutionary update, Meme Run works in game.

2016-08-22 12:22:17 Mario Party 10 boots.

2016-08-22 17:18:13 Xenoblade in game!!! Awesome!

2016-08-22 22:24:59 A game brought to my attention by a friendly youtube emulator tester JohnGodGames / pcmaker. He was very helpful during this time of development regularly testing updates and providing us with logs from his huge collection of games so we could fix issues.

2016-08-26 10:54:37 Mii Maker has a few issues...

2016-08-26 10:56:33 Mario Kart 8 showing progress.

2016-08-28 12:34:16 Started work on a tool to record and replay PM4 graphical traces. Will be immensely helpful in debugging graphical issues.

2016-08-29 04:26:58 Sometimes games output useful debug information.

2016-08-29 22:43:38 Sonic Lost World.

2016-08-30 02:48:04 Chariot in game.

2016-08-31 05:18:20 Mario Party 10 in game.

2016-09-03 02:31:36 New Super Mario Bros U.

2016-09-04 03:14:30 Barbie Puppy Rescue.

2016-09-04 15:03:44 Fast Racing NEO.

2016-09-04 20:50:53 Mario Kart 8 "in game".

Then we got burnt out and took another break...